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3 Things Ruining Your Concrete Flooring

Oftentimes, concrete flooring is put in before construction projects are completed and new floors can become imperfect fairly quickly. When this happens, you’ll need professionals to come in and redo your floors to ensure that they look perfect.

If you’re getting decorative concrete installed in your home or commercial building, you’ll want to make sure it looks good for as long as you can manage it. To do this, let’s look at the top things that you do that ruin your concrete flooring.

Tapes & Adhesives

Avoid putting tapes or anything adhesive on concrete flooring, as they are extremely difficult to get rid of once they have been applied to flooring. You may need to have the floor grinded to remove tape and etching it can cause, which means the flooring will also need to be resealed.

Spilling Paint

Spilling paint on a concrete floor isn’t a good idea – it won’t come off without breaking out the floor grinder. When painting, cover your floors to ensure that no paint touches concrete. If so, you may end up grinding, resealing, and re-polishing floors once more.

Grease & Oil

When you get grease or oil on your concrete and it is allowed to set in, you can end up with ruined concrete flooring. You can remove freshly spilled grease using a degreaser, but if you catch a spill too late you’re going to need to regrind your floors.

If you want to save your flooring, you should consider using concrete floor covering products like epoxy resin, which can make flooring more durable and less prone to stains and chemical damage.

concrete floor covering products

In the meantime, the best thing for you to do to preserve your concrete flooring is to make sure that you avoid these concrete-ruining activities in your home, business, or garage.