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Is Dental Implant A Good Solution

Are you weighing upon the available tooth replacement options? You may surely wonder if a dental implant is a good solution or not. Here is a dental implant guide to help ease your decision of choosing a tooth implant in Ocoee.

tooth implant in Ocoee

What Is A Dental Implant

It is a complete replacement of your existing damaged tooth or an addition to a gap in your jawline. A tooth implant involves fixing a titanium (or another metal) screw into your gums that acts as the tooth root. It is followed by placing an artificial tooth on top that matches your other natural teeth.

Are You Eligible for A Dental Implant

To be eligible for a dental implant, all you need is good oral health. It includes strong jawbones and disease-free, healthy gums. Apart from that, certain medical conditions like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, etc., may increase the likelihood of an implant failure.

Thus, you must visit your dentist to confirm your eligibility. Excessive smoking and alcohol may also cause problems in tooth implants.

What Are the Benefits of A Dental Implant

Once you gain confirmation from a dentistry expert, get ready to enjoy the excellent benefits of a tooth implant. The prime advantage is undoubtedly a beautiful smile and added confidence. Other than that, an artificial tooth will help you chew better, eat what you like, and maintain your oral hygiene.

That is not all. A dental implant is a long-term solution and does not require regular care. Plus, it lets you carry on with your regular oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing.

What Are the Downsides of A Dental Implant

Despite the multiple advantages, one major downside of dental implants is their initial cost. That is because it is more expensive than other tooth replacement options. Other disadvantages may be infections or allergies, which can lead to implant failure. However, with advanced technologies, that is a rare case.

Final Words

If you are eligible for a dental implant, it is certainly a good solution or even the best. It does not result in loosening like bridges or dentures and does not require regular removal and cleaning.